Five Random Facts.

1) I come from a family of book lovers but I never enjoyed reading as a child. I found it to be more of a chore than a passion. I was a tomboy and preferred climbing trees and making bush dens to reading. Crazy I know!

I picked up a book my mum left lying around one day called ‘Bubbles in Trouble.’ It was laugh out loud funny and had me hooked. My love of reading came from that series but I never went out of my way to find books. I’d just give them a go if they were in the house.

It wasn’t until a certain sparkling vampire came to big screen that I picked up a book that gave me a whole new love of reading. I became hooked… not sure it was a good thing for the hubby but it was a great thing for me.

From my new found love of reading became a new passion ~ blogging. Sharing books that have touched me in some way became more than just a passion because I found a best friend. When Natalie asked me to join her on Island Lovelies Book Club we didn’t really know each other well. I’d seen her speaking with authors I enjoy and we built from there. Now she’s like a sister from another mister!!!

I started writing a book that wouldn’t leave my mind. Winger Demons MC started to take over my every thought, never letting me forget about it. Half way through writing book one I had a synopsis pop in my head from nowhere, literally just came to me as if I was reading the synopsis on someone else book and I knew that story needed telling, but I put it on the back burner.

For days the idea wouldn’t leave me and more and more details started defining in my mind. The characters wouldn’t leave me, wouldn’t let me rest, read, or write. They wanted out! I contacted Natalie and asked her opinion on the idea, and she loved it.

Corrupted, Warped and Avowed came from there.

Would you believe me if I told you I’ve only met Natalie twice in person? It’s true. The first time we met we shared a bed in London, both drunk from a VIP launch party for Jodi Ellen Malpas’ This Man series paperback release. 

me and nat  me and nat1

2) My favourite subject at school was math. I loved anything to do with problem solving, numbers, and algebra. That love led me to accounting.  

leela roxie tink zita

3) I’m a massive animal lover. I currently have 2 rabbits, a hamster, a love bird, two giant African snails, three dogs, a tank of fish, and 16 chickens… yes they all have names, they are pets! All our chickens have been hatched from an incubator. 

chick chickens chickens1 chickens2

4) Family is my biggest love. Nothing comes before family, they are my world. I have a nickname chosen by my oldest nephew at 18 months old. He couldn’t say Alicia, and instead began calling me Sab ~ where that came from we have no idea. To my nephews I became Santa. If they misbehaved my sister would call to tell Santa (me) and I’d have to speak with the boys about being good…. they really believed it was really Santa for years. My nephews also believed I was magic. I could do a few easy tricks that blew them away. The joys of children never cease to amaze me.  

Family family1 family2 family3 family4 family5 family6family7 ste & jenson3

5) I have an addiction of taking photos of the moon. Nothing fascinates me more than seeing it zoomed in and capturing such a beautiful object to look at whenever I chose. Geeky, I know, but I love it!! 

moon moon1 moon2 moon3 moon4 moon5 moon6 moon7 moon8 moon9 moon10 moon11 moon12 moon13 moon14 moon15 moon16 moon17 moon18 moon19 moon20 moon21 moon22 moon23 moon24 moon25 moon26 moon27


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