Illicit Angels – Excerpts.

I’ve just finished a blog takeover and thought I would share some Illicit Angels teasers. Of course I need to share them here too. Without further ado, here you go.

Illicit Angels final

Illicit Angels


Eternity Rivera had a fairytale life until one fateful night intruders stormed her home, destroying it and her parents in their passing, leaving her and her baby sister behind. She soon learns life moves on with the help of her uncle, that is until a monster comes lurking into her room at night. When she finally makes the decision to change her life for the better, Eternity is hit with another life altering blow. Sometimes life is cruel and unkind, and kicks you up the arse, leading you down a dark path you want nothing to do with. Sometimes we don’t have a choice.

Ryke Justice has lived his life in purgatory for the last ten years, but to him, it’s just another day in the office. They don’t call him Justice for no reason, you mess with the boss and you’re messing with him. Justice will come and you won’t even be expecting it. That is until an Angel finally turns his head and becomes the envy of every girl there. She ignites his desires, stirring his black soul back to life, but is she strong enough to withstand his monster?

Can Eternity save Justice from himself? Can Ryke finally give into his deepest darkest desires? Has his monster finally met his mate?

Choices will be made, Justice will be served, and things are about to get hot. It’s time to go to the dark side.

Welcome to Illicit Angels.

Warning! This book isn’t your typical romance. It’s dark, dirty, and dangerous. This series contains dark subject matter, including sexual abuse, kidnapping, torture, and murder. If you’re looking for unicorns burping roses, farting chocolate, and sneezing rainbows then this is not the series for you. You will find none of that here. You will, however, find hot alpha males with possessive streaks, domineering traits, rage fuelled anger, and twisted minds, with a lot of darkness.

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What is Illicit Angels?

I still don’t know the full inside workings of Illicit Angels myself and I genuinely feel like I’m going along for the ride with Eternity ‘Envy’ Rivera & Ryke Justice. This excerpt was pretty much all I knew about IA until I was working on book two. The more I uncover of Justice, the more I realise the darkness of the place he lives. Illicit Angels isn’t just a Mansion. It’s darkness as a whole.

Unedited & subject to change.

“You get six months before you’re claimed, Eternity,” Black Eyes says, drawing my attention back to him. “Six months to make a good impression. You can’t be a promise, but you can be a new Angel. For the first month, the bidders can only look at you and touch bare skin. The next two months, they can taste you. Give you untold pleasure,” he says nonchalantly. Black Eyes speaks as if we’re speaking about the bloody weather and his cool demeanour makes me want to scream. I don’t want goddamn pleasure. “The following three months they can give and receive pleasure. They’ll teach you how they like it and you will learn to submit to their every demand. Their every need. At the six-month mark, they will bid. The winning bidder will own you. You will become theirs to control, theirs to use, theirs to do as they damn well please. I’m sure their first order of business will be to strip you of your virginity. That little lining inside will make you p*ssy gold. They’ll pay a pretty penny for you. There is one slight problem. Your promise wants you, and it seems he’s willing to stake his claim now. You have six months to make your decision, Eternity. You can persuade a bidder to want you enough to go up against Justice, or you can face the man himself and accept your fate. Justice won’t let you go. He’ll fight until you’re his. You have to decide which route to follow. Both will result in you being Justice’s but you can fight for something better. I’m not sure you’re strong enough to withstand Justice’s darkness.”

Copyright © 2015 by Alicia Taylor.

I’m a massive dark read lover.

I was originally working on Winged Demons (MC biker book) after The Manipulation Trilogy but suddenly this dark character is in my head. And he’s taking over.
Justice is very special to me. When his voice first popped in my head I was intrigued. He’s dark and broody. Angry and protective. There was just something about him. He called to me. I wrote (the first) Illicit Angels… and my computer crashed. I lost it all, had to get a new laptop, and I had to start Illicit Angels from scratch. Justice suddenly opened up and my mind was flooded with his REAL story. I had him down wrong. I misheard him. Suddenly it all seemed clear. I dove into telling his story but still he manages to hold things back. I have to be patient with him. He’s honestly a very strange character but I love him.

This next excerpt is more me expressing my thoughts about Justice. It’s what he made ME feel.

Unedited and subject to change.
He fights demons that consume him, but I want to unravel him. I want to see every inch of him; his triggers, memories, history, demons, purposes, and strength. I want to uncover every side of him; darkness and all.
This man intrigues me to the point of insanity.
His over-protectiveness and possessive behaviour makes me feel safe and cherished. His fight and switches make me want to expose every haunting secret. I want him untamed and unbound. I want to see all of him.

Copyright © 2015 by Alicia Taylor.

I probably should let you know that Summer is Not. Nice. At. All!!
Why you ask?
Summer is a fallen Angel – a free hanger. Meaning she can be taken anytime, anyplace and any way anyone wants to have her because she’s free, fallen. She sleeps in a room with no door as she has to be available whenever needed.

Okay, on to the excerpt. This is obviously in Justices’ POV. It’s a sexy one so DO NOT READ ON IF SEXY OFFENDS YOU!!

This is unedited and subject to change. Enjoy!


After adjusting my d*ck, I place my hand on her toned thigh and smooth my palm up until I find the lacy cover of her p*ssy. Summer mewls and rolls her hips, pressing against my hand, demanding more from me, but I’m not in a giving mood. I tease her, softly stroking my fingers along the seam of her knickers without delivering the pressure she needs.
Her fingers come up to grasp my shoulders, and I instantly step back. She knows not to touch me. The only time any of the Angels touches me is if they’re deep throating my c*ck. I slide her knickers down her legs and spread her thighs with my palms, opening her to me. Grabbing her hands, I secure them behind her back and bind them using her knickers, making sure she won’t be able to touch me again. Summer whimpers, squirming against me, but she’s been bad. She won’t be getting off in my office that’s for f*cking sure.

Copyright © 2015 by Alicia Taylor.

Unedited and subject to change.
Envy fidgets in her sleep, rolling over onto her belly, stretching her body out. The slashes marring her skin evokes fury raging through my blood. I can protect her from everyone. I can stop her pain. But as soon as I think it, I know I’m wrong. I can protect her from anyone except me. And I’m the worst kind of monster to have hunting you. My Envy shouldn’t have to fight the beast to survive, but she’s going to have to. The safest way to do that is to keep away from her. Keep myself tightly leashed and get her out safely. I’m going to have to set her free.
I can’t keep her.

Copyright © 2015 by Alicia Taylor.



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